Les Pardines 1819: the origin

In the summers of the nineteenth century, it was common to see sheep transhumance from France and Spain to Andorra. Jacint Puy Asquerrà, an austere and tenacious mountain man, began to look after them as a shepherd to make a living. He also made his own cheese to sell. This is how our great-grandfather managed to save the 15,000 pesetas (90.15 euros) with which, in 1932, he became the owner of the borders of Les Pardines. The estate was documented in deeds before 1600. And his main building was built in 1819.

And so it continued for years, despite the subsistence economy and the harsh climate (at an altitude of 1600 m) of this Pyrenean enclave. His third son Josep Puy Rosell, and his wife Lola, continued the family tradition, with cattle raising as their main activity. But they decided to extend it with agricultural activities of cereal plantation... and an incipient crop: tobacco.

In the 1970s, Andorra had undergone the great economic transformation, open to tourism and trade. When Josep Puy Bergés took the reins of Casa Ginota, tobacco growing was already the economic engine of the country's primary sector.

Throughout this history, Les Pardines 1819 was always a place of welcome. That is what our godmother Lola always told us: Shelter for shepherds, or people passing through who were surprised by bad weather. Or, simply, a place to rest during the walk to high altitudes (the current road did not even exist). Shelter for workers of the hydroelectric company FHASA. Even maquis hideout, at gunpoint, during the Spanish civil war... Everyone found a place to rest and take something warm to the stomach.

And now, we, the children of the fourth generation, have converted Les Pardines into a boutique hotel, where tradition and modernity come together to offer a unique and first class experience, while maintaining the inherited agricultural activity.

In Les Pardines 1819 we want to offer you a few days of relaxation, tranquility and good food in an unbeatable environment. We want to show you - as we have done for generations to our visitors - the values and the essence of the Andorran tradition, in one of its bordes (country houses). To do this, we have completely renovated it, with the highest levels of comfort, warmth and commitment to the environment. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Jordi and Josep Maria Puy Segura